Garlic Parmesan Croutons

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Need a little crunch to your greens? Add these protein croutons to your salad or crush up and bake on your vegetable. Either way, you’ll savor the flavor!

IP croutons are a great strategy for helping you increase fiber intake. They are a perfect topping for salads, and/or to help you incorporate more “meal appropriate” choices over bars and snacks. They are the perfect accompaniment to our soups!

• Limit to 1 packet daily if needed
• Croutons are not to be doubled to “equal” an Ideal Protein meal. These
are a tool – not a partial meal replacement!
• One daily packet can be divided between meals
• Use these palatable croutons as a way to “bridge” healthier food choices and eating patterns essential for long-term maintenance. 

7 packets per box.

*1 packet per day per daily optional guidelines*

Gluten Free.

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